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My Boating Background

I've spent most of my life in and around boats. My father was a  marine mechanic and I spent most of my summer breaks helping out and developing a passion for boating. I spent several seasons on staff at a large dealership where I specialized in transporting boats. I studied Marine Navigation in college and currently hold several Transport Canada navigation and safety ratings.


My Writing Roots

My writing work began as a series of technology blogs in 2010. From there I branched out into automotive coverage and travel pieces. That experience led me to an opportunity to combine my writing skills with my passion for boating. Now my work is published in Power Boating Canada magazine,,, NorthenOntario.Travel and other media outlets.  


My Personal Style

There's a fine line between content written for search engine optimization (SEO) and content written for human consumption. My personal style is to write first for humans and then for search bots. Over the years, my style has developed into a well-balanced combination of readability and SEO. All of my articles are fully researched and include citations and links to the source material.

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